Technology Assessment

Every business should periodically review and evaluate their Information Technology department overall operations. Our team can provide you with a professional review of your operations that serves as a solid foundation for making modifications to improve efficiency, effectiveness and security protecting your valuable information.

Our assessments and reviews can include the following items:

  • IT assessments begins with an inventory of hardware & software being utilized
  • An evaluation of software license to ensure that your company is compliant
  • An evaluation of software patches and update status to ensure that all your software is updated to the latest applicable standards.
  • An analysis and evaluation of your hardware infrastructure to ensure that your equipment is adequate to meet your business requirements.
  • An evaluation of backup strategy to ensure that your valuable data is protected and¬†available for recovery should the need arise.
  • An analysis of antivirus & spyware protection effectiveness to ensure that your systems are protected against outside threats.
  • Preparation of a plan of action for cleaning up any problems discovered in the assessment.
  • Preparation of a proactive maintenance program for temporary files, regular disk fragmentation, spyware cleaning, and other tasks that are required to keep your systems operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness in the future.
  • Wireless network audits to identify problem areas and security risks.
  • Analysis of business operations to develop disaster recovery and business continuity plans as required to maintain efficient business flow.
  • Security audits including internal, external and policy review. Our security experts can help with acceptable use policies, employee security awareness training, and physical protection of network resources.