Cloud Solutions

Key Benefits

Two of the key benefits we offer as a cloud service provider is accessibility and scalability. IntraFused offers cloud hosting services for every size and need — so you can save money and hassle immediately, while removing the limits on your future business growth.


Public Cloud

With our Public Cloud, you get on-demand, pay-as-you go Infrastructure-as-a-Service. There is no longer any need to purchase your own IT Server or Storage hardware. With IntraFused you can manage your own Virtual Data Center, complete with Virtual Servers and Machines, Networking, and Storage on our highly available and secure Cloud Infrastructure built on top of enterprise class VMware vCloud Technology.

Private Cloud

Your documents, email, phone calls, and now even applications are available anywhere and on practically any device. The IntraFused Private Cloud allows your business to thrive by allowing your employees to focus on business tasks while we focus on the IT Infrastructure. We offer Microsoft Exchange (for email) and SharePoint services, Microsoft Lync, file storage services, and even Microsoft Office, all in the cloud — all supported by our Citrix XenDesktop platform.


Hybrid Cloud

The best of everything we have to offer. IntraFused allows clients to take advantage of all of our hosted Private Cloud Services while also using their own servers hosted on our Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service. As a client, you can even connect your own on-premise private cloud infrastructure to our Public Cloud for maximum flexibility in your infrastructure.

Hosted Exchange

Leveraging Microsoft Exchange Email and Collaboration Services our secure, redundant Exchange Cluster ensures that your email is always available — no matter what. And with all the Microsoft Exchange features you are already used to such as Calendaring and Scheduling Services, archiving, and of course a superior email experience you'll feel right at home with IntraFused.

Application Publishing & Hosting

Our Private Cloud Services provide clients with a seamless application based experience provided over the web. Access real Windows applications from almost any device and interact with those applications as if you were sitting at your desk. Expanding on our Private Cloud, IntraFused can now offer clients a full Microsoft Windows Desktop Experience with our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Your staff can now access their Windows desktops on virtually any device from anywhere.